Oskari software

Oskari is platform that offers tools for showcasing standard geospatial interfaces. Oskari can combine WMS-, WMTS-, WFS- and ESRI Rest interfaces together from different data producers.

Test it with Paikkatietoikkuna – sandbox for Oskari

Paikkatietoikkuna is a Finnish national geoportal which gathers different geopatial interfaces together from Finland. It is also a sandbox for testing new features for Oskari.

If you are not able to set up Oskari software on your own server, the most easiest way to create a mapservice for your self is to use Paikkatietoikkuna’s Publish map-tool.  If you are representing the Finnish public sector you have also possibility to utilize Suomi.fi -mapservice. You can create your own view of Paikkatietoikkuna and embed it to your own site with iframe-codes.

Oskari is open source

The source code for Oskari is open source. It is being kept flexible in order to broaden it with new components, use it with different service platforms and for changing the software libraries if needed. The UI supports multilingualism and there are already multiple languages translated.

All source code is being published with MIT/EUPL licenses.