New features for Arctic SDI & Paikkatietoikkuna

16.2.2018 NLS of Finland featured new functionalities for Oskari. They are already in use in Paikkatietoikkuna and Arctic SDI and some of them are going to be added to Oskari core later on. Notice also that OpenLayers 4 library has been adopted to Oskari core. Now e.g. the panning on the map should be more smoother. So be sure to update your Oskari to get the advantage of using OpenLayers 4 possibilities. 

Have you ever used Web Coverage Service interfaces or tools? The use of WCS standard is still quite rare. Developers behind Paikkatietoikkuna wanted to test WCS's possibilities with elevation data and created a Terrain Height Profile tool to feature the data. Now a initial support for WCS is adapted to Oskari. Note that the profile is drawn from 100 points and scaled to the graph. You can test this tool with your jogging route and plan your exercise accordingly. 

Terrain height profile

Renewed Thematic Maps

New functionalities are being adapted to the renewed Thematic Maps tool in Oskari this year. Now some of the features are already in use in Paikkatietoikkuna.

Support for choropleth maps has bee implemented to Oskari already before. Now you can also create point symbol maps (proportional symbol maps) from statistical data related to areas. You can also view the data through bar charts and sort the attribute table more easier.

The layout has been lightened so that the opening windows do not cover the maps as much as it did before. There are also new statistical interfaces added to Paikkatietoikkuna and it due to created adapters it is now much easier to add different API's with statistical data to Oskari. 

Thematic maps - new features

Tool for Time series

Advanced Time Series tool has been created in Arctic SDI project. This tool allows you to animate WMS-interfaces with temporal data. If the data allows, you can also scale the animation into smaller periods of time and stop the animation at certain time.  Quite handy when visualizing change.

New hierarchical map layers functionality was left to the next webinar. Something to anticipate then!

Time series tool for WMS