- maps  - pool of possibilities

In Finland it is possible for public sector organisations or actors performing official public regulatory role to utilize - maps service for free. E.g. Finnish municipalities can create embedded maps to their own websites and gain a stack of high quality data at the same time.

Services for the visually impaired

One of the most recent datasets added to the service is a simplified map for visually impaired and it is essential part of improved services for the public. The service provides also a possibility to attach your own datasets or interfaces to the service.

Tailor your own map

With RPC -technology it is also possible to tailor the -maps to apply with the public sector service providers own visual look or utilize own databases. One example of this is the fishing restrictions service.

New features

The most recent updates to the service (in 2017) has been the improvements to My places- functionality with multiple new features, one being the transparency effect of the area features (polygons).

Contact us to learn more

Marko Latvanen (Popultaion Register Centre) is the contact person for the project in Oskari Joint Developmen Forum and Teija Tarvainen acts as the responsible party on NLS's (National Land Survey of Finland) behalf.

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