General fixes

Oskari-server release notes 1.46.

Oskari-frontend release notes 1.46.

Nota bene! Hot Fixes have already been done - 1.46.1 and 1.46.2.


User interface

  • Small glitches throughout the user interface has been squashed.

Map window

Map layers > new Hierachical Layerlist

  • Layer handling have been changed to accommodate a hierarchical group setting for layers.
  • A new bundle 'framework/hierarchical-layerlist' has been added. Can be used as a drop-in replacement for current layerselector and layerselection bundles.
  • A new admin bundle 'admin/admin-hierarchical-layerlist' has been added. Can be used as a drop-in replacement for current layer admin bundle, but is only compatible with the new hierarchical-layerlist.
  • Maplayer listing and selected layers now indicate if a layer does not support the current map projection (requires the information from server).
  • Performance improvements on layer handling for systems that have loads of layers
  • Database tables around maplayers have been renamed to be more in line with the group/organization naming and accommodate the new folder-like structure of layer groups (previously referred to as Inspire-themes).
  • Layers can now belong to multiple groups.
  • The layer listing action route "GetMapLayers" have been replaced with "GetHierarchicalMapLayerGroups".
  • Added error handling for layer capabilities parsing where layer didn't have any keywords.

Get Info Plugin

  • The map popup (infobox) now tries harder to handle the async nature of kinectic scrolling of OpenLayers 3+ based map. Basically sending a MapMoveRequest and ShowInfoBoxRequest next to each other should no longer move to map to entirely different location that was requested.

Feature selection

Metadata display

  • Layer metadata display has been improved
  • Improved layer metadata (CSW) parsing.


User layers

My places / My own map layers

  • Users can now edit the name and style of an imported dataset (userlayer).
  • Lists for saved views and embedded map edit links can now handle items that are not in the current map projection. Opening such view or editing a map will trigger a page reload.
  • Links now include an uuid that matches a system default appsetup that supports the current map projection. Basically meaning that links are no longer always pointing to the system default view.
  • Fixed an issue where having myplaces layers as initial selected layers prevented the feature from working properly on OpenLayers 3+ based maps.
  • Handling user imported datasets (userlayer) have been improved.
  • Added serverside functionality for updating userlayer style and other information after it has been imported.

Own styles

Map publishing

  • The map publishing functionality now supports multiprojection setups.
  • Fixed an issue where layer opacity was not handled properly on OpenLayers 3+ based mapmodule (published maps).

Special tools

Thematic Map

  • Lots of fine-tuning on the user interface
  • Tuning the dot presentation on thematic maps
  • It is now possible to include a diagram presentation in published thematic maps
  • Regionsets for thematic maps can now be added as resources files in GeoJSON format (in addition to reading the regions from a WFS-service).



Download Basket

  • Fixes for download basket functionality.

Support tools



  • The printing functionality has been changed to use the new server implementation.
  • The new printout implementation has been deemed production ready and as such the old one has been removed. The implementation is baked into oskari-map.war so server setup is a bit more admin-friendly.

Guided tour

Projection support

  • The layer JSON now includes information about supported projections.
  • Layers can have "forced SRS" which are included to the supported projections even if the capabilities response doesn't include it.
  • Supported projections are no longer stored as a long list in a separate database table, but are filtered to only include projections supported by the Oskari instance (only include ones that are used in appsetups) and saved as part of the layer information.
  • New action route has been added for triggering capabilities update on layer(s)
  • ViewService now includes a method to find out projections used in the appsetups.
  • GetAppSetup response now includes more information about the Oskari environment like the default appsetups.
  • Publish functionality now uses the map options (like projection information/zoom levels etc) from the appsetup where the user is publishing the embedded map
  • Listing users saved views and embedded maps now include the projection information so frontend can handle different projections properly.
  • WMTS-layers TileMatrixSetId is now sent for the frontend based on the projection the frontend is using.

Technical corrections


Mobile version


Other issues

  • Updated the linked jQuery version from 1.7.2 on Geoportal and 1.7.1 on published maps to 1.10.2 on both.
  • Added a new service-module for parsing and generating GeoJSON.
  • has been added. It returns an array of basic appsetup information that can be used to detect alternative default apps. For example if the server instance has different appsetups for different projection setups the options can be found with this function although it can be used to just provide different apps that are available in the system.
  • Bundles have been updated to work with jQuery 1.10.x (previously 1.7.x)
  • Lots of unused code/libraries have been removed.
  • Added some polyfills


Management of map layers

  • Admin functionality now shows information about projections layers support (based on layer capabilities response).
  • Admin functionality now has a new button to trigger capabilities update for a layer (previously triggered on layer information save).