Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto) has recently created a feedback service for roads nationwide in Finland called Palauteväylä. When designing the service, the requirements were: Openness, use of existing shared services (like Oskari) and no new license purchases or fees. Oskari met these requirements quite well. 

The service is tailored to a very specific need and utilizes multiple components for collecting the feedback: Management Application for Feedback, Open311 feedback interface for outside feedback source and the end user web map application is created with HTML5 and Javascript.

Oskari is used  behind the scenes - in the management side and handling feedback information. The administrators of the service process the feedback via a published map from Oskari instance connecting the feedback information to the map with RPC technology.

Palauteväylä is a good example of how you can utilize only certain components of Oskari and connect other services and software to the system.

More information:

Jan Lindbom, Sitowise Ltd
Matti Pesu, Liikennevirasto