Add your own datasets

One of the key features in Oskari is the possibility to add your own spatial datasets and individual features to the map. If you are about to set up your own Oskari, think about also if you want to allow your users to create data and share it with others. 

One example instance where you can do just this is the Finnish national SDI portal called Paikkatietoikkuna. It acts also as a test bed for new Oskari features. If you want to test it,  you need to register first and then start adding features or bring in your own spatial dataset in .zip format. You can modify the visualization also later on. 

Nota bene! There are currently two options to add your own data: individual points, lines or areas and importing ready made spatial dataset. These are now two different tools but during year 2018 these features are going to be merged more tightly together.  So stay toned for improvements!

Embed your map and modify it

Oskari provides a possibility to create embedded maps to your own site. This is convenient for private persons and associations which don't have the possibility to create their own map service. In Paikkatietoikkuna you can try also this feature. 

The embedded map can be added to your own web site with iframe code which you can slip between your existing web page html-code. When the publishing has been done, you can afterwards change the layers or add features to your published map without changing the code in the web site. 

Example: Embedded map

In the video above you can see how to add individual points, lines or areas to the map. You can also add ready made spatial datasets as your own layers. In the end the created map view can be published in your own site. The screen capture video is done using Below you can see the same example as embedded map.