Oskari's amazing year 2017

This year is nearing to its end and we'd like to give you a retrospective view to our community activities. 

The year began with our former Oskari coordinator Jani Kylmäaho getting assigned into bigger boots and left us longing after him. He still had some time to fetch a 10 000€ reward from EU:n Sharing and Reuse of IT-solutions competition where Oskari became second in the Cross Border-category! We would like to thank Jani for developing and supporting Oskari Community. We will manage. Maybe. Barely.

Three main goals in 2017 - did we achieve them?

Oskari Community chooses every spring two members to present the whole community in Oskari Joint Development Forum. This year Jan Lindbom from Dimenteq Ltd and Eki Karsslon Suomen latu (Outdoor Association of Finland) were given the honor. The goals for 2017 were to bring Oskari-based services more into associations awareness and also attract more businesses to produce products based on Oskari. The third goal was to go international. 

Support for associations and NGOs

The most easy way for individuals and associations to use Oskari is to utilize tools hosted by organisation with Oskari installation. In Finland  everybody can use the Own data and Map publish tools hosted in Paikkatietoikkuna - national geoportal of Finland based on Oskari. You can add points, lines and area feature or own datasets to the service and then publish and embed the map in your own site. Here is one example from Saimaa Trail Runners.

Making business with Oskari?

Although Oskari originated from public sector it has lots of possibilities for business. Some case examples from our business community:  Dimenteq Ltd (provides participatory tool Harava and now also offers installation services for Oskari), Gispo Ltd (training for Oskari-based service Suomi.fi -maps) and of course all kinds of development services provided by CGI/Karttakeskus and SITO among others. 

Oskari in the World

Internationality is important thing for OS-products and one big step for Oskari was to be accepted as an OSGeo Foundation Incubator project. It has required big changes in the development models - and it has been just a big bonus for Oskari, bringing it more tightly part of the community! Oskarin PSC (Project Steering Committee) started its work this year and took the first steps towards more open development of Oskari. 

Oskari is there in the world. It is already being used in Elf-project and Arctic SDI and also people developing national geoportals have started to utilize Oskari. Here are examples from Island and Moldova. We are hoping more to emerge!

Thank you for a very active community - we will continue next year! 

Developing together, events, meetups, vivid communication, challenges, success stories, new versions, new installations and doing this with our full hearts. This is what Oskari is. 

On behalf of Oskari Joint Development Forum, we wish you a very Happy Holidays and have a Great New Year 2018!

Sanna, Timo and Matti