New release available!

Oskari version 1.47.0 is now available in GitHub, download and the Maven repository. Here’s the list of changes for Server and Frontend.


For a full list of changes see this.

  • Statistical maps now allow for filtering listings based on regionsets and adding more than one indicator at a time
  • Users can now use and save custom indicators for statistical maps
  • Fixes for statistical maps UI in geoportal
  • Layer filters in layer selector are now hidden when selecting the filter would result in empty layer listing
  • Geoportal map style is now properly reset after exiting publisher functionality (previously always reset to default style)
  • More plugins now support styling in publisher functionality
  • Timeseries functionality can now be included in embedded maps (when there’s a layer providing timeseries data)
  • Publisher can now be opened automatically on startup (Usability improvement when having embedded maps in multiple projections)
  • Checking “Don’t show this again” in guided tour now works again
  • Bugfixes on publisher, hierarchical layerselector and feature data table


For a full list of changes see this.

  • Migration from OpenLayers 2 to OpenLayers 4 (see
  • Improvements to userlayer/imported datasets handling
  • Statistical maps PXWeb adapter improvements
  • Statistical datasource/indicator listings now include regionset and time-variable metadata where available
  • Statistical maps error handling improvements
  • Layer order modification in hierarchical layers have been fixed
  • GetAppSetup can now include common urls as environmental metadata (like login/register) configured in
  • Maplayer capabilities caching improvements
  • Added Admin route for flushing caches (/action?action_route=Cache&name=[cache name])
  • Domain check for published maps is now case-insensitive
  • Added server functionalities for handling user generated statistical indicators
  • Print functionality now handles layers that require credentials properly
  • Saving a view/state of the geoportal now uses the current view as base instead of the system default (Fixes an issue with projection support and saving views)
  • Timeseries control can now be included in embedded maps
  • Added a concept of “internal layers” that are part of oskari_maplayer table, but are not intended for public view (like baselayers for my places etc)
  • Clean up deprecated code