We had our second Oskari meetup in Espoo 21.3.2018.

Thank you all for a very good conversations about Oskari, Digitransit and GIS related issues. Few things rose from the discussion, which we should take into consideration in the future for our Oskari community:

Small pieces of code & open schedules

When creating new features to Oskari or improving old ones, it would be really good to have open schedules and discuss the development with Oskari PSC quite early in the development. New code should be quite well documented and also brought to the PSC in smaller pieces, so it is more easy to merge to the core Oskari. We are all starting to learn to do this 🙂

We all have different schedules , but it would really ease the mutual understanding about who is doing what and a what time. Share your development plans also openly here..

Training of new users and developers

We need more experts in Oskari, in admin side but also development side – should we start some training on this? Maybe next meetup topic could be the Admin tools in Oskari? Next Meetup probably in May-June, you can also suggest time and place!