What is happening this year with Oskari?

Oskari roadmap is the best place to check what new improvements are on their way. Also version updates come every 2-4 months with release notes, they are the best place to check what is happening.

Oskari community has also requested a more broader view on what is going on in the development path, so here are the biggest issues in 2020 that we want to address – but note that these are just ideas, not promises:

New look for Oskari

Oskari.org pages are to be updated and merged with these community pages (NLS-FI and community manager as responsible parties) . The map service UI development has been divided in to smaller issues and hopefully will be tackled as a joint development task (City of Tampere as lead). New look is also dealt with tool by tool and React based approach for components in Oskari.

Combining tools

New layer support has already been implemented in the 1.55 release. The idea was to get rid of unnecessary menu items by combining the layer list and selected layers. This affects also the admin side tools.

Also there is a need for combining user tools for adding points of interest and GIS datasets, hopefully these tools will be merge more tightly together this year.

3D-issues still need some work

Oskari has supported 3D datasets for a while, but it still needs some more work. Rendering 3D requires also more capacity from your own computer, so this needs some more tweaking also in Oskari side.