Greetings from head of Oskari PSC

Hi everyone,

Oskari release 1.51.0 is now available in GitHub, download and the Maven repository. Here’s the list of changes: and

Please remember that as of 1.50.0 you need to upgrade to the new Jetty setup for everything to work. Details have been sent in the previous version mail. For this version we have updated the logging library to Log4J2 that requires removal of the old and providing a similar log4j2.xml configuration file. As always you can find instructions in the oskari-server MigrationGuide ( We also noticed that the previously working SLDs for user generated content no longer worked with the GeoServer upgraded in Oskari 1.50.0 packaging. We have updated the SLDs to make them work properly again, but you will need to manually modify them in the GeoServer administration. You might also need to configure extents for the layers in GeoServer (the previous version was ok with them not being defined). If you configure a new instance the updated SLDs are injected properly with the setup app and the extents configured based on the projection.

Here are the release notes for 1.51.0:


For full list of changes see:

  • The diagram window for thematic maps functionality is now resizable and the bars are now colored based on the classification.
  • Fixed an issue with hovering point symbols on thematic maps.
  • Thematic maps now skips empty data sets when user adds multiple indicators at once.
  • Thematic maps indicator description is now provided in the UI if data source includes description.
  • Thematic maps rendering and performance improvements.
  • Thematic maps manual classification now has discrete steps instead of continuous histogram.
  • Thematic maps tools are now in the same container in embedded maps instead of being scattered between toolbar and thematic maps UI toggle.
  • Build now supports React-based components.
  • Fixed an issued with ‘Square’ shape in drawtools.
  • Added an alternative frontend functionality for handling WFS-layers (based on MVT and GeoJSON).
  • Link tool no longer shows Guided tour option if it’s not available on the instance.
  • Link tool now skips any saved state from cookies.
  • Layer filtering fixed on hierarchical layerselector.
  • Fixed an issue with admin functionalities on hierarchical layerselector.
  • Empty searches are no longer sent to server on metadata catalogue.
  • Fixed an issue where marker text input was breaking out of the popup it’s shown in.
  • Fix for attribute name localization on userlayers.
  • Unified how decimals are shown on different functionalities showing measurements.
  • Unified button order on UIs (cancel/ok in same order on each functionality).
  • Added french localizations.
  • The latest RPC-client version is now recognized as supported.
  • Map rotation is now saved in state (saved views/embedded maps/page reload).
  • Myplaces functionality now uses WMS 1.1.1 to work around axis order issues.
  • User location detection now supports tracking and drawing the route on map (no UI for this, usable via RPC).
  • User location now supports accuracy for location and configurable zoom level.
  • Users can now add map layer style menu for embedded maps.
  • Toolbar button logic has been rewritten
  • Session expiration dialog now shows a countdown and reloads the page after session has expired.
  • Support for Bing maps added (required API key from Bing).
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.


For full list of changes see:

  • Changed logging implementation to log4j version 2.x. See for configuration changes.
  • Statistical data sources, region sets and indicators can now fallback to unlocalized name instead of assuming each language having a localized value.
  • Statistical region sets are now sorted based on the order number in oskari_maplayer_group_link database table.
  • Statistical data source URLs can now have a placeholder for language. When used the indicators are loaded with all languages configured to Oskari to get localized names.
  • Layer coverage can now be ignored by adding ignoreCoverage: true in oskari_maplayer.attributes for misconfigured services. Workaround for an issue where layers from misconfigured services are hidden from the map when user browses to a viewport out of the layers coverage area described in GetCapabilities response.
  • Upgraded JTS to match GeoTools version to prevent duplicated versions and conflicting classes.
  • Improved KML parsing for userlayer imports.
  • Improvements on the WFS-MVT/GeoJSON client/server implementation GetWFSVectorTile/GetWFSFeatures action routes.
  • Added new action route for getting localized attribute names for WFS-layers “GetLocalizedPropertyNames”.
  • Improvements to userlayer style handling.
  • Fixed SLDs for user generated layers (myplaces, analysis, userlayer) to work with the new GeoServer version. See MigrationGuide for details.
  • Fixed GeoServer REST API client and injecting SLDs when using the setup app and the new GeoServer version now works properly.
  • Improved the setup app
  • The database tables now have some comments added on them. These are used to generate documentation but are also there to help navigating the database.
  • Enabled support for asynchronous controllers for Spring. These can be used for creating action routes supporting long polling XHRs.
  • Added initial WFS 3 client.

Best regards,