Hi everyone and happy new year!

Just a heads up that the Oskari 1.50.0 version was released a few days after 1.49.0 as planned (this was last year, sorry about not messaging earlier). The versions are functionally identical but 1.50.0 has a new shiny packaging and upgraded libraries to work with the latest Jetty-versions and bumps the included GeoServer version to a more recent one. The installation documentation and the download link have been updated with the release. Note that the 1.50.0+ version of the transport webapp doesn’t run properly on the old Jetty 8 server and 1.50.0 frontend doesn’t work with older server component. The main Oskari-server runs on pretty much anything. So moving forward any installations need to be updated with the new Jetty 9 environment. On hindsight this should have probably been versioned as 2.0.0 🙂 Anyways you now have the option to upgrade to latest features and bug fixes on 1.49.0 and start setting up your test environments, build pipelines and servers for the future.

In other news we also released a new version of the RPC-client (2.1.0) that can be used to control embedded maps that have been published from an Oskari instance. It includes a helper function for React-based apps and also the onReady() callback now gets an object as parameter that includes info about the environment (previously required a call to the getInfo() function). So couple of features improving the developer experience. The current released versions of Oskari don’t recognize the new RPC-client yet and report it as not supported, but it works all the same. This will be fixed on the 1.51.0 release scheduled around February-March 2019.

The PSC also had a January meeting, read more about the upcoming tasks!

Best regards,

Sami Mäkinen
Head of Oskari PSC