Spatial Statistics on Web 2 (SSW2)-project develops the visualisation tools for statistics in Oskari

A all GIS people know, it is sometimes more easier to understand statistical datasets when they are shown as choropletic maps. Choropletic maps are however not the only way to visualize statistical data. In SSW2 (EU-Grants project) the Statistics Finland and National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) are now joining forces to create more visualization methods for Oskari’s Thematic maps -functionality.

New thematic features

The project provides more tools for data providers who are creating statistics with links to regions. The main goal is to incorporate static or embedded maps or graphical elements to statistical publications.

”We used to have only choropletic map visualizations possible in Oskari. Now we are developing more visualization methods in the project. The aim is to allow also the use of pointsymbols, bar charts, time series and animations while creating thematic maps with Oskari”, Timo Aarnio from NLS tells us.

We have a dream: more usage for the statistical data

The results of the project are at the same time improving also the core Oskari. The new thematic map feature will replace the old one. When finished all the results are integrated also into Paikkatietoikkuna (Finnish national geoportal).

”We still need to work with the information architecture behind Oskari and entwine the statistical and geographical information together into more functional system” says Rina Tammisto from Statistics Finland.

”We hope the project will end up with more wider usage of statistical information”, continues Timo Aarnio.

Statistics Finland, Marja Tammilehto-Luode
National Land Survey, Timo Aarnio