A quick heads up to let you guys know that we are closing in on the 1.49.0 release which includes things like initial vectortile support. We are planning on releasing 1.50.0 shortly after 1.49.0 where both have the same functionality, but 1.50.0 has major updates to components and libraries that allow us to use Jetty 9 as the server. The zip-file that is on the download page on Oskari.org will be changed to one having Jetty 9 and an updated folder structure and will include GeoServer 2.13.2. The GeoTools dependency in Oskari will also be updated 19.2. The updated app you get when you install the new package is shown in http://dev.oskari.org/. You can see the progress on Oskari-frontend and Oskari-server GitHub repositories under “jetty-9” branch. This will be merged to develop after 1.49.0 release and released as 1.50.0 shortĺy after.

Note! 1.50.0 means that you need to reinstall everything concerning Jetty on your servers. Everything else is backwards compatible.

Best regards,

Sami Mäkinen, head of Oskari PSC