How easy it is to create your own Oskari API based map?


Last week we posted a blog about Oskari API and the use of RPC technology. 

Jan Lindbom, the CPO/CTO in Sitowise Ltd explains to a new gardening enthusiast (it is me!) how to create a light weight map service with Oskari RPC.

“You have to have an Oskari platform or able to use an Oskari platform,” he starts.

So like Paikkatietoikkuna, maps or similar? Ok - I’m on it! [...signing into]. What next?

“You need to publish a map with Oskari's ready to use functionality with an easy to use web interface.”


  1. ...choosing background maps… adding own data...

3. ... copy pasting the iframe code to my website… 
Check!  I have my embedded map ready in my gardening blog!


2. ... creating embedded map... choosing tools...


“And the last and most important part, you need to have application developer knowledge to be able to develop the integration to the other system by RPC. You need to know the system to which you are integrating at the technical level also.”

[... hiring a developer...]

Ok, so let’s say I have a good developer at hand, what would be the advantage of using RPC?

“Map interface can be easily integrated into a part of another system and make it work interactively”, Jan explains.

So then I would be able to connect my blogs garden map to my flower database with information when the different species need compost, watering or pruning and show this data interactively with Oskari based embedded map?

... I really should have that database... Hmmm... the endless possibilities on this! Maybe I'll start learning coding!


Thank you Jan for the instructions!

Story by Sanna Jokela,
Oskari communication coordinator & garden enthusiast