Become Oskari community organisational member

Add your organisation on Oskari utilizers list and gain visibility - Join here  and tell us how you are going to take advantage of Oskari, it can be software development, arranging meetups, education - all activities are encouraged. If you want to have your logo attached please sign in with your Google account or send it to the coordinator

Start coding for Oskari

Anyone is free to use Oskari source code and make it even better! If you have an idea, please join Oskari discussion in Rocket chat or GitHub. Oskari's PSC (Project Streeting Committee) is responsible for checking the code and they decide which features are added to the Oskari core.

Come to chat to our meetup-events

We want to learn more about releasing open source projects to the world - come to chat and share experiences with us! How has your project done it? Meetups will be arranged every second month and if they become a success, maybe even more frequently. More information from Oskari-meetup group