Oskari installation

It is frequently asked how Oskari is to be set up and what components are part of the so called "basic" Oskari. 

First of all, you need to set up the required softtwares separately. And you need to have understanding on those software. 

Nota bene! Oskari is no a software you can set up by pushing a execute button. It is a comprehensive setup that requires understanding about server side and different software.  

The setup is also depending on the operating system and server environment. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need help: user@lists.osgeo.org. 

Oskari needs at least PostGIS database (a spatial plugin for PostgreSQL) and GeoServer-software (inside the Jetty Bundle).  Oskari download package (Jetty Bundle) requires also the use of JDK 1.8+ (Java Development Kit). Also Redis is suggested to use (enables the cache). Certain tools need also the undesrtanding about Apache Maven software.  

More info from Oskari.org documentation..

Read also how the production environment is set up and how to optimize the service into production.

Own instructions for tailoring Oskari in the documentation pages "Customizing Oskari".


Basic Oskari

After setup the basic Oskari has following tools: 

Some of the tools need configuring with wanted data sources. 

Demo site is available for testing these tools.