Here is how to contribute to Oskari

  1. Join Joint Development Forum for Oskari and let's activate a joint development project. You'll reveive support from the group and National Land Survey of Finland, were the technical support team is ready to tackle your questions and check your source code.
  2. Provide Oskari code in your project. Remember to follow the guidelines and How-to-model. Share your plans also openly through Oskari Roadmap, so other developers know what to you are up to.
  3. Test and report bugs.
  4. Discuss and ask support from

Remember that adding new features to Oskari main development line are discussed and decided by Oskarin PSC .  If the developed feature is not suitable for the main development line, it can be added as a Community Plugin. Remember to update your plugins and take care that they are compatible with the versioning of the main development line.