Let's develop Oskari together

City of Tampere, Helsinki Region Environmental Services, National Board of Antiquities and Environmental Center of Finland started developing together a new form for handing map layers in Oskari. Before the map layer was a bit complicated and did not allow one dataset belonging to two or multiple categories. City of Tampere took the lead in arranging procurement processes and forming use case stories. The procurement was targeted to Oskari community member companies (this is why it is important to be involved in the Oskari community!). Dimenteq Ltd (now-a-days part of Sitowise Ltd) was chosen to provide the new map layer functionality. It is now also available in Oskari main development branch. 


Efficient map layers

This new map layer combines now Map Layer and Selected layers into one. This saves space in the UI panels. Due to the development, the admin side can now organize  datasets more freely and they can appear in different categories or subcategories. Now you don't need separate admin map layer panel anymore.  

Subcategories are now allowed

How did the joint development succeed?

Marko Kauppi  from City of Tampere stated during HSY GIS seminar on 21.3.2018. that developing together reduces costs, but the amount of bureaucracy was a surprise.  The more you have different organisations involved, the more you need time to sort out the agreements. We should really find solutions for this in order to have more fluent joint development. 

Kauppi also said that is important to recognize when it is useful to develop together and when it is convenient to do the work your self. This joint development was also a learning process in Oskari development. When designing new features to Oskari, it is important to bring the renewed code in smaller pieces to Oskari main development branch. This project also resulted in better instructions for development. OIPs a.c.a Oskari Improvement Proposals should be more accurate in architecture and database description level. Oskari PSC checks the code and integrates it to the main development line and this means scheduling and more open discussion. In ideal situation, PSC could just approve the code when new feature or improvement appears in Oskari GitHub.  

Selected Layers and Map Layers now combined

Admin can drag and drop layers under different categories or subcategories