Goals of the Community

Develop open source Oskari sofware into more universal, versatile and user friendly tool for using geospatial data.

Avoid overlapping work by

  • Arranging the schedules of the development schemes together with the Oskari Roadmap
  • Advancing the activities aiming to develop the software
  • Bringing forth the requests and ideas before the actual  development work starts

Share experiences and information about

  • planned or ongoing Oskari related projects and
  • the functionalities of the software and bring forth possible development proposals

Community Tasks

Familiarize your self with the Oskari procedure of how to contribute.

Find support for software development from other members of the community: Oskari mailing list and members of the PSC are here to help. In Finland cooperation between Oskari project owners are developed through Joint Development Forum.

Discuss about the software architecture and develop the software.

Assess the possible add-on software and technologies

Make bug reports or improvement proposals to GitHub.

Document the developed features and code properly and make sure the PSC receives information about the developed issues (see also Reporting issues & documenting)

Publish the developed results as open source according to licencing provided by OSGeo Foundation and Oskari-software

Community roles

Community member: All actors willing to utilize & develop Oskari software.

Organisational members: Organisations and project owners willing to develop the utilization of Oskari. All organisations can sign as Organisational members through here.

Project Steering Committee (PSC): Is responsible of the technical integrity of Oskari software and discusses the development.

Oskari Joint Development Forum: A group of organizations willing to develop Oskari together. The yearly fee to join the Forum is 5000€/organisation (this will be decided every year separately by the group). The Forum guides the activities of the communication coordinator and receives technical support for the integration of code from National Land Survey of Finland (NLS).

Communication coordinator: Oskari Community development issues and marketing the use of Oskari. Working under Oskari Joint Development Forum. Currently Sanna Jokela (info@oskari.org).

OSGeo Foundation: Oskari has applied to become a project inside OSGeo Foundation. Now in Incubator stage. If the project is approved, all ownership of the source code is transfered to OSGeo.

All community roles also in Oskari GitHub wiki.