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Oskari is an open source platform for displaying and analyzing geospatial data.

  • Oskari supports INSPIRE directive and can serve as platform for geoportals
  • Offer embedded maps to your customers
  • Combine statistics with interactive maps

These pages help our growing community to gain more from the development! Feel free to share your ideas, wishes and upcoming projects on Oskari with us.

Recent news

  • Oskari Community Day 2019
    Oskari Community Day is coming up! The event will be held at Pasila, Helsinki (Opastinsilta 12, 2nd floor). The idea of the day is to get familiar with different Oskari use cases and development. [...]
  • Oskari 1.51.0 release
    Greetings from head of Oskari PSC Hi everyone, Oskari release 1.51.0 is now available in GitHub, oskari.org download and the Maven repository. Here’s the list of [...]
  • HSY – tailoring Oskari into internal use
    HSY's Oskari answers to the environmental sectors needs HSY (Helsinki Environmental Services) is one of the many organisations in Finland to use Oskari – open source map service – as a tool for external and internal GIS use. [...]
  • Valkeakoski – pioneering Oskari in municipality use
    Muncipalities & Oskari Valkeakoski is town located 35 km south from Tampere city with little over 21 000 inhabitants. In 2018 they started to use Oskari map platform as their internal map site and now it is also available for public from [...]
  • Oskari 1.50 release, new version on RPC client and PSC memo
    Hi everyone and happy new year! Just a heads up that the Oskari 1.50.0 version was released a few days after 1.49.0 as planned (this was last year, sorry about not messaging earlier). The versions are functionally identical but 1.50.0 has a new [...]

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Oskari Use Cases

Explore the most recent cases on utilizing Oskari-platform. Most of them are provided by organisations involved in the Joint Development Forum. More examples can be found from the developer site: Oskari.org.