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Oskari is an open source platform for displaying and analyzing geospatial data.

  • Oskari supports INSPIRE directive and can serve as platform for geoportals
  • Offer embedded maps to your customers
  • Combine statistics with interactive maps

These pages help our growing community to gain more from the development! Feel free to share your ideas, wishes and upcoming projects on Oskari with us.

Recent news

  • Suomi.fi -maps has 204 registered organisations
    Suomi.fi-maps is a unique and FREE possibility for public sector organisations Suomi.fi-maps is part of the Finnish e-services for public sector organisations. Through Suomi.fi-maps municipalities and other organisations from the public sector can [...]
  • 3D and Oskari
    3D project is moving one dimension at a time 3D possibilities for Oskari are currently being developed in the National Land Survey of Finland. The need to show e.g. building data in 3D has been a growing trend but now also the national topographic [...]
  • Filing bug-reports
    Just a reminder for you all how to contribute to our fabulous Oskari Community! File a Bug Report! We need all the sightings on misbehaving Oskari, so we can keep him in order. So please follow these instructions when hitting an error with Oskari. [...]
  • Mapsite – the worlds oldest national map service!
    NLS-FI Mapsite – worlds first national map service in the World Wide Web The National Land Survey of Finland has been diligently enhancing their digital services for their customers and the Mapsite (Karttapaikka) is one of the most used and [...]
  • Oskari release 1.52.0 available
    New release here! Hi everyone, Oskari release 1.52.0 is now available in GitHub, oskari.org download and the Maven repository. Most of the changes are related to creating a new integration system for WFS-based map layers and other technical changes. [...]

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Oskari Use Cases

Explore the most recent cases on utilizing Oskari-platform. Most of them are provided by organisations involved in the Joint Development Forum. More examples can be found from the developer site: Oskari.org.