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Oskari is an open source platform for displaying and analyzing geospatial data.

  • Oskari supports INSPIRE directive and can serve as platform for geoportals
  • Offer embedded maps to your customers
  • Combine statistics with interactive maps

These pages help our growing community to gain more from the development! Feel free to share your ideas, wishes and upcoming projects on Oskari with us.

Recent news

  • Managing with information
    City of Joensuu takes Oskari to the next level Jarno Kinnunen, GIS specialist working at the capital of North Karelia, City of Joensuu, manages GIS like no other. Above all Kinnunen is very interested in all new GI technologies. He pushes them to [...]
  • 1.54 release
    We released Oskari 1.54.1 a week ago with some bugfixes on 1.54 and we heavily recommend the update for everyone using 1.53 or later. It fixes a couple of issues from 1.54 and a security issue that tracks back to 1.53. We had our last scheduled PSC [...]
  • 3D to Oskari core
    3D Tiles, here they come New Oskari version (1.54) has the ability to handle 3D datasets. It supports 3D Tiles which is a OGC Community Standard. Documentation for Oskari 3D can be found here: www.oskari.org/documentation/features/3D Check out 3D [...]
  • Oskari and OSGeo Finland on tour
    Oskari & OSGeo were on tour It was a brilliant open source tour through the whole of Finland in October! This was the fist time we arranged a tour with OSGeo Finland association and Oskari Community and met open source people of cities of Turku, [...]
  • Suomi.fi -maps has 204 registered organisations
    Suomi.fi-maps is a unique and FREE possibility for public sector organisations Suomi.fi-maps is part of the Finnish e-services for public sector organisations. Through Suomi.fi-maps municipalities and other organisations from the public sector can [...]

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