Open Source Platform for Geospatial Data is an open source software package for creating your own map service. Oskari is suitable for organization use and those who want to publish their own or second party standard GIS interfaces. 

Oskari has started its journey to become a prominent Content Management System for geospatial data. It was initially started as a geoportal project for  National Land Survey of Finland to support the viewing possibilities and implementation of INSPIRE in Finland. Now tens of organisations in Finland and abroad are utilizing the software package. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Filing bug-reports
    Just a reminder for you all how to contribute to our fabulous Oskari Community! File a Bug Report! We need all the sightings on misbehaving Oskari, so we can keep him in order. So please follow these instructions when hitting an error with Oskari. […]
  • Oskari discussion channels
    Ask the Oskari community If you have an Oskari related problem or issue you want to discuss – please ask from our user-list for help or subscribe to the list through here. We have also taken Gitter in use for […]
  • Oskari service roles & requirements
    Here the abilities of the different user roles handling Oskari software are described. This information can be used when recruiting new team members or when creating a procurement process regarding Oskari maintenance or development. Full document […]
  • How to set up Oskari?
    Oskari installation It is frequently asked how Oskari is to be set up and what components are part of the so called “basic” Oskari.  First of all, you need to set up the required softtwares separately. And you need to have understanding […]
  • Adding own datasets and embedded map
    Add your own datasets One of the key features in Oskari is the possibility to add your own spatial datasets and individual features to the map. If you are about to set up your own Oskari, think about also if you want to allow your users to create […]
  • Examples on use of RPC
    Make embed maps talk to your site If you don’t want to set up Oskari installation, don’t worry you can still enjoy the ride. You can build fancy & tailored map views based on Publish maps functionality in Oskari. Embedded maps can be […]
  • How to develop Oskari
    Here is how to contribute to Oskari Join Joint Development Forum for Oskari and let’s activate a joint development project. You’ll reveive support from the group and National Land Survey of Finland, were the technical support team is […]
  • Goals of Oskari Community
    Goals of the Community Develop open source Oskari sofware into more universal, versatile and user friendly tool for using geospatial data. Avoid overlapping work by Arranging the schedules of the development schemes together with the Oskari Roadmap […]
  • Organisations & individuals
    Become Oskari community organisational member Add your organisation on Oskari utilizers list and gain visibility – Join here  and tell us how you are going to take advantage of Oskari, it can be software development, arranging meetups, […]
  • What exactly Oskari does?
    Oskari software Oskari is platform that offers tools for showcasing standard geospatial interfaces. Oskari can combine WMS-, WMTS-, WFS- and ESRI Rest interfaces together from different data producers. Test it with Paikkatietoikkuna – sandbox […]

Try out Oskari

The most easiest way to get to familiarize your self with Oskari is to test its functionalities in the Finnish national geoportal Paikkatietoikkuna or test the Demo site. Check out also the gallery and community projects.