Make embed maps talk to your site

If you don’t want to set up Oskari installation, don’t worry you can still enjoy the ride. You can build fancy & tailored map views based on Publish maps functionality in Oskari. Embedded maps can be tweaked to be in contact with your web site and provide more information to users.

Here are two examples from Finland: The fishing restrictions service is basically a map view to -maps (which is a service provided nationally for public sector officials only). The map is connected to information provided by the ELY-Centers and has more interaction with the website than “normal” embedded maps. The other example is the National Land Surveys MapSite.

How to do similar services?

You need to have a host for Oskari-installasion were they have enabled the Publish maps – functionality. Using code snippets called RPC (Remote Process Call) you can get the map to talk with your site.

The use of RPC is quite convenient if you A) don’t want to install Oskari on your own server and B) you want to have light weight map service that is customable with your site.

And the disclaimer in the end: You still need to know a little about coding. Here are examples on what kind of calls you can make on different elements on the map.

Here is also a document about RPC-Step-by-Step