Oskari as a way to integrate statistics on a map

EFGS 2018 conference was held in Helsinki 16.-18.10.2018 bringing together geospatial and statistical experts from 40 different countries. What a better way to combine interoperability, standard interfaces, visualizations and statistical parameters on a map than do it with Oskari. Hope you will check it out and become members of our growing community.

Some phenomena can be understood only with other geospatial datasets

And here Oskari can be of use. In EFGS Oskari was quite visible with the demo for new cool thing with thematic maps by Timo Aarnio and time series tool for representing change in e.g. Arctic SDI shown by Jani Kylmäaho, both from NLS-FI.

Statistics Finland starts using Oskari as their map platform

Statistics Finland announced (Rina Tammisto, also head of Oskari Joint Development Forum) that they will be using Oskari as their map service in the future. We heard also how the National GIS platform (paikkatietoalusta) is a huge effort to collect Finnish national data with improved tools and database models. It will rely also in Oskari based map services by e.g. using embedded maps inside the platform, stated Teemu Saloriutta from NLS-FI.

Developing new tools and improving existing, needs all of your help! So be brave and start testing, asking questions and developing Oskari with us 🙂

Presentation by Sanna Jokela, EFGS 2018 conference.