Deliver datasets to your clients with Oskari download functionality

Download basket is part of Oskari-platform. It is developed as a separate bundle with specific functionality that allows end users to download map data from Oskari user interface. The core functionality is based on INSPIRE directive that requires different government authorities (e.g. municipalities) to provide open data for download. Download basket is also ideal for all organizations that have a need to deliver map data for their partners in digital way based on a self-service model. Remember that Oskari and all its bundles are developed based on open source technologies and can be used for free by any organization.

Download serveral datasets at a time

The main functions in the download basket is the selection of map layers and areas from which the end user will download data. User can download data from several map layers at the same time. The downloadable area is defined on a map by free rectangular selection or by selecting pre-defined areas like municipality boundaries etc. All selections are collected to a download basket as a list. When the user is ready with the collection the download, the service sends a delivery link to the users email address when the package is ready to be downloaded. The package is a compressed zip-file containing one or more shape files (.shp) depending of the selection.

First ever community bundle for Oskari

The developed bundle follows the Oskari architecture and guide lines. The user interface is developed with HTML5 and JavaScript. The back end is based on Java, GeoServer and the Cross Layer Filtering -plugin for GeoServer. The requests from the user interface is done as a standard WFS-requests (bounding box) but the area for the request is defined by the user. The user can also request the data based on pre-defined areas. In this case the request is also a WFS-request, but the Cross Layer Filtering -plugin is responsible for the job.

The download basket is easy to take in use. The bundle can be downloaded from the same version control system as the base Oskari. The installation is very straight forward. The biggest part is to do different kind of attribute configuration to the configuration files. All the steps are well documented in the documentation that can be found from the pages and is updated frequently. The download basket is at the time this text is written supported up to Oskari version 1.46.2.

Development should be ongoing

The download basket will be developed in small steps in the future. The main task will be to keep the tool working with the newest Oskari version. At the moment the main development is focusing to update the tool to support OpenLayers 4 that is already a part of Oskari platform. Other things that have been discussed is to add support for other downloadable formats than shape file (there is a need specially for the geopackage format) and improve the response times.

More information: Jan Lindbom Sitowise Ltd (

Front-end documentation here and bundle documentation here.

Download basket is in use e.g. at Helsinki Region Environmental Services and Liikennevirasto.