Below you can browse through Oskari based projects and functionalities.. Some have taken the "basic" Oskari and settled for that but some of our Community members have gone further and developed own tools on top of core Oskari. Some projects are still on their way and we can enjoy their results later on. Is your project missing from the list? Share your project info through this form. Existing project please keep your project info up-to-date and fill in this form if you have something to share!

GIS education portal PaikkaOppi turned 10 years

A Finnish GIS web-learning platform PaikkaOppi has been developed already over 10 years. It was initially developed to serve the […]

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland took Oskari API in use

Service points from The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) can now be observed with a new web map service. It […]

Download basket

Deliver datasets to your clients with Oskari download functionality Download basket is part of Oskari-platform. It is developed as a […]

Palauteväylä – Oskari behind the scenes

Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto) has recently created a feedback service for roads nationwide in Finland called Palauteväylä. When designing the service, […]

Hierarchical layer bundle

City of Tampere, Helsinki Region Environmental Services, National Board of Antiquities and Environmental Center of Finland started developing together a […]

Adding own datasets and embedded map

One of the key features in Oskari is the possibility to add your own spatial datasets and individual features to […]

Examples on use of RPC

Make embed maps talk to your site If you don’t want to set up Oskari installation, don’t worry you can […]

City of Tampere – making maps with Oskari

Oskari as a City map service City of Tampere is one of the most long term users of Oskari. City […]

Harava – map-based survey tool

Participation with a map One example of a product development on top of Oskari is Harava mab-based survey tool  provided by […]

GI Centre of Southwest Finland

Gathering geographical data from the region Southwest Finland Regional Inforshare Service called Lounaistieto has used Oskari since 2015 as their map […] – maps – maps  – pool of possibilities In Finland it is possible for public sector organisations or actors performing official […]

Download service for Liikennevirasto

Liikennevirasto is updating their geospatial data download service. The download service for Oskari is a functionality developed together with Helsinki Region Environment […]

New thematic maps

Spatial Statistics on Web 2 (SSW2)-project develops the visualisation tools for statistics in Oskari A all GIS people know, it […]

Select Features integration with database – Case Biomass Atlas

With advanced selection tools you can calculate the biowaste materials, forest resources and amount of crops easily LUKE (Natural Resources […]

Strange projections? Case Arctic SDI

Arctic SDI brings support to different projections The Arctic SDI joint effort aims at creating a spatial data infrastructure for […]

HSY download basket

Helsinki Region Environment delivers open data with Oskari Helsinki Region Environment’s (HSY) Oskari map service was taken into production in fall […]

Embed maps to your own site – Case: Finnish Heritage Agency

Showcasing relics with OskariFHA  has their own map window to cultural environments. The site is part of pages where Oskari […]