Organisations willing to support the development

The list of Oskari utilizers and developers has indeed grown large. In Finland  a group of Oskari project owners have joined forces and facilitate the Oskari Joint Development Forum (JDF). If you want to join the JDF in the membership fee is 5000€/year.  The juridical partner is National Land Survey of Finland. The JDF organises member events and markets Oskari software. The members of the JDF receive technical support and integration guidance for their developed code from the NLSFI. Oskari communication coordinator works for the JDF members.

If your organisation is developing or interested in Oskari work-feel free to join in as an Oskari organisational member - it is totally free!


Organisational members

Oskari Joint Development Forum members in 2018

  • City of Tampere
    Development and utilization of Oskari in internal & external map services. […]
  • Finnish Heritage Agency
    Cultural environment services built with Oskari […]
  • City of Turku
    City of Turku is involved in Oskari development through GI cooperation Network in Southwest Finland called Lounaispaikka […]
  • Statistics Finland
    Development of statistical data utilization and thematic mapping properties in Oskari. […]
  • National Land Survey of Finland
    National Land Survey has multiple Oskari based services and also acts as the coordinator for the Finnish Oskari Joint Development Forum. […]
  • Population Register Centre map services utilize Oskari for creating public sector digital services. […]
  • The Finnish Transport Agency
    The download service has been developed utilizing Oskari. […]
  • City of Helsinki
    City of Helsinki is part of Oskari community. […]
  • Helsinki Region Environment, HSY
    HSY utilizes Oskari for open data download service and as internal service inside the organisation. […]
  • Ubigu Ltd
    Ubigu Ltd offers consulting, installation and maintenance services on Oskari. […]

Organisations involved

If you want to join the Oskari network as a organizational member describe your development ideas on Oskari software here. It is totally free to be part of the Community. Organisational members have the opportunity to apply for the JDF as annual representatives of the community members. The new community members are elected every spring. Read more how to be part of the community.

Allready now we have lot's of organisation involved! We welcome also members from outside Finland 😉

CGI Finland Ltd

City of Helsinki (JDF member)

City of Tampere (JDF member)

City of Turku (JDF member)


Cybercom Ltd

Finnish Transport Safety Agency

Finnish Heritage Agency (JDF member)

Geological Institute of Finland

Gispo Ltd "We offer training on Oskari based services and facilitate crowdfunding efforts for Oskari. We are currently providing the Oskari communication coordinator activities for the JDF." - Pekka Sarkola, Gispo Ltd

Gofore Ltd

Helsinki Environmental Services (JDF member)

Infotripla Ltd "We offer geospatial interfaces about road information, like weather stations and traffic jams, and Oskari works as a client for our data" - Juha Laakso, Infotripla Ltd

Cinia Ltd "Many of our software projects have map based functionalities, so it is good to have Oskari as an option!", Kimmo Alamartimo, Cinia Ltd

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Liikennevirasto (Finnish Traffic Agency) (JDF member)

National Land Survey of Finland (JDF member, technical coordinator)

National Land Survey of Island  "Oskari is used as a mapviewer and connection tool to our National Geodata Portal in relation with National Spatial Data Infrastructure and INSPIRE." - Hafliði Sigtryggur, NLS-IS Magnússon

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) "Luke published a Biomass Atlas in spring 2017 based on Oskari with new component development. Oskari functionalities are further utilized in Baltic Forbio project with Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia"  - Eeva Lehtonen, Luke

Nitor Creations Ltd

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland)

Ministry of Environment (Finland)

Open Knowledge Finland

PaikkaOppi "We are establishing a new version of learning environment for GIS called PaikkaOppi using Oskari based service" Virpi Hirvensalo, City of Turku

Paikkatietokonsultit Ltd

Population Register Centre (JDF member)

Pulakka Lab Ltd

Reaktor Ltd

Regional Authorities in Finland

Regional Council of Southwest Finland (JDF membership shared with City of Turku)

SC5 Online Ltd

Sitowise Ltd (JDF community member) "Sitowise Oskari services include consulting, training and software development. Oskari is also used in Sitowise products, such as the map-based participatory survey tool Harava." - Jan Lindbom, Sitowise Ltd

Spatineo Ltd

Statistics Finland (JDF community member)

Suomen latu

Tampere University of Technology "We have expertise in management of large data masses and imagery analysis and provide courses on GIS, image handling and pattern recognition. Now Oskari is being installed as part of MIKÄ DATA project where data based services are created for farmers." - Petri Linna

Ubigu Ltd (JDF community member) "We offer consulting, installation and maintanence services for Oskari"  Marko Kauppi, Ubigu


XAMK "We want to utilize Oskari in our research and education when suitable project needs web based GIS solution. In education we use Oskari as an example of open source development and map based services. We hope to utilize Oskari even more in the future" Esa Hannus, XAMK.