From ideas to action

The joint development brings forth a whole bunch of different ideas that usually need a little bit of refining before starting a project.

That is why Oskari community has a Trello board for all sorts of ideas. When the idea has a little more content they are described and discussed in GitHub. If the idea gets funded, more broader project scheme should be conducted and scheduled. And in the end developed and maintained. 

If the functionality is suitable for Oskari core, Oskari's PSC will ad it to the roadmap. If on the other hand it is seen as a good community plugin, the developers should remember to keep it up to date with the newest releases. 

We need your help in developing Oskari

These are the features we need development. If you have ideas or comment, please share them in Trello or GitHub:

  • Development of the print layout 
  • Exporting GPX format
  • Development of the distance measurement tool
  • Use cases for WCS interfaces
  • Following the users location 
  • Support for sensor based data

Do you want to find crowdfunding for Oskari?

Companies and NGOs have the possibility to search crowdfunding for Oskari  developement- and we want to support this!
When new functionalities are developed, it would be a good idea to involve maintanence costs for the tool for the next 2 years. It would also be good if some funding would be allocated to the development of Oskari core. 

If you are planning a crowdfunding case, notice this: 

  • inform the estimated prize for the work (include VAT)
  • describe what is the purpose and what is being developed (add mockups, links, describe use cases)
  • add preliminary schedule
  • add information about who is developing, if the funds are received in full
  • add information about who is responsible of invoicing, if other than the developer
  • provide a sheet for the invoice information or use ready made paying services (usually works only for individual donators)
  • list possible organisations utilizing the developed functionality


When you can see in  Trello or in  Oskari GitHub a feature that has multiple interested parties but no suitable funding or developer.

The idea should have also a positive evaluation by Oskari PSC in Github.



Company or community organizes the crowdfunding campaign (provides project plan,  provides the prize and organizes the campaign).

Inform us ( about it and we will help in marketing. 



When the funding has been gathered, the company or community starts developing the feature. In this phase inform about it through GitHub or Oskari mailing list.

When the feature is finished, remember to maintain it in the future also.