People behind the software

We are the Oskari Community: growing group of organizations, individuals and developers putting their interests together to improve and develop Oskari software.

Oskari development started already in 2008 when the first plans for Finnish national geoportal were drafted by the National Land Survey of Finland. In 2011 Oskari's source code was opened because the interest within other organisation for similar map services became evident. After this the utilization of Oskari has grown from public sector using Oskari in multiple ways to companies providing Oskari based services. The start of the actual Oskari community was in 2014 when a network for Oskari users was established in Finland and the Joint Development Forum was established. Now we have tens of organisations involved in Finland and abroad! In late 2016 Oskari PSC was established and Oskari applied for OSGeo Foundations Incubation process to gain stability and interest also in the global open source society.

Oskari to your own use

Oskari is fairly easy to set up if you only use the plain "vanilla" Oskari. Just follow the installation documentation and ask if something does not work. Bare in mind that Oskari is part of several components and software packages. If you need assistance e.g. setting up Oskari or developing new features our company members are also happy to assist you.

Some Oskari instances also provide free registration and possibility to add your own datasets and publish your own embedded maps. In this case you might not need the whole Oskari, just use existing set-up! RPC technology provides also quite neat solutions.

Please don't hesitate to ask

If you have something Oskari related on you mind ask for ideas or support from Oskari OSGeo mailing list. The mailing list is open and search engines can find the discussion threads. This helps finding solutions for already asked questions.

If you need to ask something really quick, use the Oskari Gitter channel. We changed the previously used Slack to Gitter to be more open! Remember Gitter is really good for instant messaging, but bear in mind that the history of the discussions might not be easily found, so we encourage to use the mailing list. Please chat in English so everyone can participate in the discussion.

Developing Oskari

Before starting Oskari development, familiarize yourself with the process and  check out what kind of different skills your  map development team might need.  Read also Oskari - how to contribute and check if the needed tool is already discussed or maybe added to Oskari roadmap in GitHub.

It is important to grasp the meaning of open development and how new features are implemented in the core Oskari. It is also totally fine to develop so called community plugins, which are separate from the core development line, but of course we would like to gain more crucial core development.

Joint Development

Oskari is being developed together. Especially the members of the Joint Development Forum are eager to find solutions and funding together. Development is not just coding. So for those of us who are not familiar with GitHub, there is also Trello board available for presenting ideas and finding mutual interests. Those ideas are then refined to tasks in GitHub. Trello board needs also your ideas. Read also the community goals and tasks and join the development!

If you can't find resources for developing, you can always try to set up a crowd funding plan. We help you to market it through our Oskari newsletter and other media.

Check out also the existing projects and what the community has done!

Let's meet!

Host an Oskari event or join them. We'll try to arrange Oskari-meetups every two months - you can always ask us for a visit!


Organisational members

Organisation involved

The list of Oskari organisations has indeed grown large. In Finland group of Oskari project owners have joined forces and facilitate the Joint Development Forum for Oskari. The membership fee is 5000€/year.

If your organisation is developing or interested in Oskari work, feel free to join in as a organisational member - it is totally free!